Are You Ready? Our Second Kyoto Kenpou Saron (Constitutional Salon) is Coming Soon!


Date: Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time: 14:00-16:00 (the audience would be admitted only after 13:30)

Location: Room 118, Shikō-kan, Doshisha University’s Karasuma Campus


No reservation required.

*Please note that this event will be basically conducted only in Japanese.

*Please note that this event will be held not in the Imadegawa campus but in the Karasuma campus which is to the North of the Imadegawa campus. One way to get to the Karasuma campus from the subway Imadegawa station is as follows: (a) come out of the subway station at Exit No. 1 (b) go straight on to the north until you get to a pedestrian bridge (c) the campus in question would be on your right, standing right next to a police box (Confusing? Then, view a map).



In our second constitutional salon, we would like to provide/present you with an opportunity for a lively discussion on the issue of the 9th Article to explore from various perspectives this “need-to-know” issue indispensable for considering the issues regarding the state’s “right to collective self-defense” (Abe is seemingly so hooked on it that he can’t help setting the stage for exercising it).

And, this time, in collaboration with students at Ritsumeikan University, we decided to adopt a more opened, more interactive, and hopefully more exciting, “come and join us” approach. The guest students are going to give a report of theories in favor of defending the current Constitution as they who are undergraduate students see them as well as of the significance of its 9th Article. With the above-mentioned aim to prevent the salon from becoming a one-sided, monotonous lecture, we hope that the salon would constitute an excellent opportunity for these students to have what they have to say about the Constitution heard by and shared with you. And, of course, in order to make the salon interactive, we will welcome feedback from any one of you.



・Title: “Goken-ron ha Garapagosu-ka shiteinaika?:  9-jō no Datsu-shinwa-ka to Saikōchiku, Daigakusei tono Taiwa” 「護憲論はガラパゴス化していないか ──9条の脱神話化と再構築、大学生との対話──」

(Aren’t Theories in Favor of Defending the Current Constitution Afflicted with the Galapagos Syndrome?:The Demythologization and Reconstitution of the 9th Article, and Exchanges with Undergraduate Students)

Akihiko Kimijima (Professor at Ritsumeikan University)

and students at Ritsumeikan University

There has been an on-going, heated discussion on whether the 9th Article of current Constitution of Japan should be revised or defended. But, do we really know about the 9th article in the first place? In this salon, we are going to first undo the mystique of the 9th article and then re-learn it. Also, there’s going to be an exchange of views on the 9th article with guest students at Ritsumeikan University.


・Open Discussion with the Floor/Audience


Event Coordinator: Yayo Okano (Professor at Doshisha University/ The Presenter in Chief of Kyoto Association of the 96th Article)

Fees for the Handouts: 500 yen



Address for Postal Mailings: Kyoto 96 jou no Kai, c/o Shimin Kyoudou Houritsu Jimusho, Hirose Building 2F, Karasuma Dori Nijou Sagaru Nishigawa, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0847, Japan

Telephone Number: 075-256-3320 (Not available on weekends)

*Please note that we would appreciate it if you contact us by email so that we can respond swiftly.


flier (Japanese, coming soon)



We, Kyoto Association of the 96th Article officially set up on November 16, 2013, are striving to turn the tide in our favor, enabling “politics that is based on the three fundamental principles in the current constitution and the principle of constitutionalism and that promises its respect for the current constitution,” by the summer of 2016 when the next election of the House of Councilors are scheduled to take place.

With this goal in mind, our “Kenpou Saron” is designed to be an open gathering where you would be able to mix and mingle with others present in this salon and to discuss with them the idea of peace and human rights that the current Constitution of Japan presupposes.