So, What’s the Big Deal about Mr. Abe’s Defiance of the Current Pacifist Constitution? Well, Come and Ask the Expert, Asaho Mizushima at Our Constitutional Salon.

Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time: 18:00-20:00 (the audience would be admitted only after 17:30)

Location: Room 112 Shikō-kan, Doshisha University’s Karasuma Campus
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No reservation required.

*Please note that this event will be basically conducted only in Japanese.


Isn’t Mr. Abe’s national security and defense agenda at odds with the current Constitution? This question might be nagging you, ever since you were exposed for the first time to the news of, say, the Act on Protection of Specified Secrets and the Cabinet’s revision of the official interpretation of the current Constitution regarding the right to collective self-defense. Or, possibly (provided/presented) with less opportunity to be informed of them, you might have been wondering what are these things in the first place. Well then, we’ve got a good cure.

With the aim of  thinking together with you about the significance of the current Constitution of Japan as a pacifist constitution in relation to Abe administration’s national security and defense policy, we, Kyoto 96th Article Association would invite Asaho Mizushima (Professor of Law at Waseda University) as the guest speaker to our upcoming fifth Constitutional salon. As a scholar of constitutional law also knowledgeable about the issues concerning military forces, national security and national defense, Prof. Mizushima has been outspokenly expressing his view not only in academic world but also in the media and severely critical of Abe administration increasingly manifesting/strengthening its militaristic inclination and resorting to violence and power. After Prof. Mizushima’s lecture critiquing Abe administration’s attitude towards the current Constitution as well as that towards national security and defense, this fifth salon is scheduled to devote its remaining time to the open Q&A Session and Discussion with the Floor/Audience during which Prof. Mizushima would be answering  the questions asked of him. With his lecture and the subsequent Q&A Session and Discussion, we hope we could deepen the discussion over the issues regarding the Act on Protection of Specified Secrets or/and the right to collective self-defense, and more importantly the issue of what to make of Abe administration attempting to overthrow “pacifism” as one of the three fundamental principles of the current Constitution of Japan with the decision at its Cabinet meeting or/and that of an ideal relationship between citizens and the Constitution.

By the way, if you are impatient to know about Prof. Mizushima’s view of the current Constitution of Japan, it is advisable to visit his official website (third party website, basically in Japanese). Also, his article is in  『集団的自衛権の何が問題か――解釈改憲批判』 (What is the Problem with the Right to Collective Self-Defense: The Criticism of De-Facto Constitutional Revision by the Governmental Reinterpretation of the Constitution) edited by Yasuhiro Okudaira and Jiro Yamaguchi and published with Iwanami Shoten on July 17, 2014. And, sorry for piggy-backing, but, as it says on this page  (Women’s Action Network; third party website, in Japanese) Yayo Okano who is active as the presenter in chief of K96AA also wrote an article for this book and would be glad if you take a look at it along with Mizushima’s.

We look forward to meeting you at the salon.




・18:00-18:05    Opening Speech: Yayo Okano (Professor at Doshisha University/The Presenter in Chief of Kyoto Association of the 96th Article)

・18:05-19:00    Guest Lecture: Asaho Mizushima (Professor of Law at Waseda University)

・19:00-20:00    Open Q&A Session and Discussion with the Floor/Audience


Event Coordinator: Yayo Okano


Fees for the Handouts: 500 yen

No fees charged to students at a university or college (both undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students) 




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We, Kyoto Association of the 96th Article officially set up on November 16, 2013, are striving to turn the tide in our favor, enabling “politics that is based on the three fundamental principles in the current constitution and the principle of constitutionalism and that promises its respect for the current constitution,” by the summer of 2016 when the next election of the House of Councilors are scheduled to take place.

With this goal in mind, our “Kenpou Saron” is designed to be an open gathering where you would be able to mix and mingle with others present in this salon and to discuss with them the idea of peace and human rights that the current Constitution of Japan presupposes.