Nothing But “Ahonomics”!!! Come and See Our Eighth Salon to Know More About How Asinine Abenomics is

Long time no see.

And, sorry for not updating this website for a long, long time, since the end of last Christian year.

But now, we are ready to release the news of our eighth constitutional salon.

Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Time: 18:00-20:00 (the audience would be admitted only after 17:30)

Location: Room 112 Shikō-kan, Doshisha University’s Karasuma Campus
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No reservation required.

*Please note that this event will be basically conducted only in Japanese.

With the lowest voter turnout since the end of the Second World War, the snap general election for the House of Representatives held in December 2014 following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s self-serving dissolution which amounted to a surprise attack on his opponents after all resulted in the ruling coalition barely keeping its 2/3 super majority in the house. To be sure, he did blatantly begin to argue that voters had given thumbs-up also to his entire political agenda (including the reactionary revision of the current constitution which enables more outright military action and values governmental interests over individual human rights, governmental exercise of the right to collective self-defense, and reactivation of nuclear power plants) in the aftermath of the election. However, during the campaign at least,  Abe, together with his allies, repeatedly described this election as almost nothing but a referendum on his economic policies, Abenomics.

Then, let us put aside the justifiability of his cunning campaign strategy for the time being and pose some questions concerning Abenomics. Will Abenomics really prove effective in allowing us individual residents in Japan to live a more economically prosperous life? If Abenomics have been intended to better as much as possible each and every one of our individual quality of life, why is the LDP trying to put into effect policies―cutbacks in government reimbursements for nursing homes, an increase in the consumption/sales tax rate, the revision of the Worker Dispatch Law unfavorable to (contingent) workers,  ”no overtime pay” bill, and relaxing dismissal rules, to name but a few―that seem to run counter to this goal? How are Abenomics interconnected with other policies of Abe administration in the first place? What will Japan in the possible future resulting from these policies mean specifically to each of us? And, what should each of us think and do in response to this on-going, sinister upheaval?

A sharp and witty critic of Abenomics will help you find answers to all of these questions and more. At our forthcoming salon, we have invited Noriko Hama as a guest speaker. Terming it Ahonomics (a pun on Abenomics with aho being a English word for stupidity, foolishness, silliness or other words or/and expressions referring to a lack of knowledge, intelligence, intellectual acuity, care, good sense or/and reason or to a person lacking them),  she has been consistently criticizing Abenomics for its growth-obsessed and Japan-centered aspect giving priority to the prosperity of Japan as a nation-state over each and every individuals’ well-being and quality of life  and over co-existence and co-prosperity with other nations.

At the salon, besides discussing the problems with Abenomics as a professional economist, she is also going to share her thoughts on the current political and social situation in Japan.

Sounds like fun? Then, Don’t miss it.

Hope to see you at the salon.




・18:00-18:05    Opening Speech: Yayo Okano (Professor at Doshisha University/The Presenter in Chief of Kyoto Association of the 96th Article)

・18:05-19:05   Guest Lecture: Noriko Hama (Professor at Doshisha University)

・19:05-20:00    Open Q&A Session and Discussion with the Floor/Audience


Event Coordinator: Yayo Okano


Fees for the Handouts: 500 yen

No fees charged to students at a university or college (both undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students)  and contingent workers 




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Telephone Number: 075-256-3320 (Not available on weekends)

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We, Kyoto Association of the 96th Article officially set up on November 16, 2013, are striving to turn the tide in our favor, enabling “politics that is based on the three fundamental principles in the current constitution and the principle of constitutionalism and that promises its respect for the current constitution,” by the summer of 2016 when the next election of the House of Councilors are scheduled to take place.

With this goal in mind, our “Kenpou Saron” is designed to be an open gathering where you would be able to mix and mingle with others present in this salon and to discuss with them the idea of peace and human rights that the current Constitution of Japan presupposes.