Beyond the Jargon-ridden Discussion: Thinking and Talking about the Constitution from Non-professional Perspectives at Our Forthcoming Salon

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2015

Time: 16:00-18:00 (the audience would be admitted only after 15:30)

Location: Room 110 Shikō-kan, Doshisha University’s Karasuma Campus (Confusing? Then, view a map).

No reservation required.

*Please note that this event will be basically conducted only in Japanese.

On June 4, 2015, at a Diet panel, three prominent constitional scholars (including Yasuo Hasebe who had been invited by the ruling LDP) unanimously judged a package of security reform bills brought under Diet deliberations by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “unconstitutional.” Meaningful as such an expert verdict is,  we believe that it is equally meaningful for people who are not specializing in law to keep themselves informed of and to concern themselves with the discussion over the Constitution-related issues.  Underlying this belief is a conviction that various political debates surrounding the current Constitution have continously shaped the political, social and cultural climate of the post-war Japan. We are also convinced that as non-professional, lay people become more knowledgable about the trajectory of the Constitutional debates, they could get a better understanding of all kinds of crisis and problems not only in Japan but also the entire world.

On the basis of such convictions, our  Presenter in Chief, Yayo Okano specialzing in political philosophy coauthored a book titled Kenpo no Politika: Tetsugakusha to Seijigakusha no Taiwa  [Politics of the Constitution: A Dialogue Between a Philosopher and a Political Scientist] (third party website in Japanese) with one of the leading French philosopher,Tetsuya Takahashi who shares the convictions.  While discussing various issues in the post war Japan, such as the 9th Article, Emperior system, and Okinawa, in relation to the Constitution, this book covers not only complex relationships between the so-called humanitarian intervention and death penality  on one hand and the current Constitution on the other but also the phiosophical question of “who get to make the constitution.” Though both of them are not technically specializing in law nor the constitution as the subtitle of the book indicates, Okano and Takahashi successfully give shape to a thought-provoking and exhaustive discussion over the Constitution from a perspective not necessarily identical to those of the professionals.

Highly appreciating non-professional perspectives in such a way,  although we would like you to read this book if you want to know more about it, we have decided to invite Professior Takahashi to stage this discussion with Okano at our upcoming salon. And, of course, this salon would not be a complete replication or a scripted live version of the content of the book, because this time you who we assume to be not specialzing in law nor the constitution are more than welcome to take part in this discussion as well.

If it sounds like fun, don’t prevent yourself from coming.

We look forward to seeing you.




・16:00-16:05    Opening Speech: Hiroshi Nakasatomi (A Presenter of Kyoto Association of the 96th Article)

・16:05-17:05   An Interactive Conversation between Tetsuya Takahashi (Professor at Tokyo University) and Yayo Okano (Professor at Doshisha University/The Presenter in Chief of Kyoto Association of the 96th Article)

・17:05-18:00    Open Q&A Session and Discussion with the Floor/Audience


Event Coordinator: Hiroshi Nakasatomi


Fees for the Handouts: 500 yen

No fees charged to students at a university or college (both undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students)  and contingent workers 




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We, Kyoto Association of the 96th Article officially set up on November 16, 2013, are striving to turn the tide in our favor, enabling “politics that is based on the three fundamental principles in the current constitution and the principle of constitutionalism and that promises its respect for the current constitution,” by the summer of 2016 when the next election of the House of Councilors are scheduled to take place.

With this goal in mind, our “Kenpou Saron” is designed to be an open gathering where you would be able to mix and mingle with others present in this salon and to discuss with them the idea of peace and human rights that the current Constitution of Japan presupposes.