Activities and Duration of Our Association

   Kyoto Association of the 96th Article is to be set up in the Setting-up Symposium held on November 16, 2013, with its lifespan of almost three years, predetermined to close in the summer of 2016 in which the next election for the House of Councilors is scheduled to take place. We are going to strive to turn the tide in our favor, enabling “politics that is based on the three fundamental principles in the current constitution and the principle of constitutionalism and that promises its respect for the current constitution.”

   In order to achieve this goal, we are going to hold a regular, open gathering for residents of Japan like you by the name of “Kyoto Kenpou Saron (Kyoto Constitutional Salon, hereafter occasionally referred to as ‘the salon’).” In “the salon” to which not only those who are specializing in the studies of constitutions, but also those who are specializing or/and active in a wide range of fields of peace and human rights as lecturers or/and speakers including but not strictly limited to us who are the presenters of this call to action statement; we in cooperation with you would like to develop a site where everyone present (including not only us but you) could mutually inform themselves of the constitution through free discussion as well as free question and answer format exchange between the participants.

   We decided to hold “Kyoto Kenpou Saron” once every two months on Saturday afternoon so that it would be approachable/accessible to as many participants as possible. For more detailed information on the when and where of the bimonthly salon, please see this page in our official website.